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Unlimited Access to Judicial Dicta

What is Judicial Poetry?

Judicial Poetry (JPoetry) is a platform that provides access to dicta of Nigerian justices.

Dicta are fundamental elements of the legal industry pursuant to the fact that dicta of the Supreme Court & Court of Appeals are binding on lower courts by way of stare decisis.

JPoetry provides you unlimited access to dicta.

App Features

  • JPoetry provides you the ability to search, quickly, for dictum on points of law via its search box.
  • JPoetry provides you the access to request a dictum if you are unable to find a dictum on a position of law. Request for dictum are uploaded within minutes.
  • JPoetry provides index of major topics in law and the corresponding dicta. This will aid a user in finding dicta on an area of law without having to search.
  • JPoetry has a community of legal personnel (those who know the law) where you may ask a question for answer, if you have a confusing issue. Also, you may help answer people's questions too.
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How to use?

JPoetry is easy to use.

Upon opening the App, you will see a search box which you could use for searching – simply input any words, and click the search icon.

New users have the ability to view only three dicta (three pages); if you want to have unlimited access to dicta you will have to register freely (no hidden cost). Thereafter, you will be logged in. Logged in users have unlimited access to dicta.

Endeavor to read JPoetry privacy policy and FAQ.

For any enquires, send JPoetry an email at support@judicialpoetry.com.


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