Judicial Poetry (JPoetry) exists to help judges, lawyers, law students, and any other person who may need dicta on an area of law. As it is known, judicial dicta are parcel of the tools to winning cases in courts especially dicta of the Supreme Court.

JPoetry exists to increase and give full potential to searching and discovery capabilities.

This platform provides principles in judicial decisions. Important passages from Nigerian Courts judgements, mostly, are available – dicta are uploaded everyday.

Judicial dictum are primary sources of law as they provide interpretation to statutes, and are many times preferred when it comes to getting legal authorities.

Each post contains the principle, judge who said same, the case name, and the year. Planet earth is in a digital era and so JPoetry does not provide citations as any of the case can easily be gotten by a single web search on Google or specific cases database like LawCareNigeria, JudyLegal, LawPavilion, et cetera. Citations were relevant in the era when there was no internet and the only way to find cases was in books – citations play the role of helping one get directly to the reports because it is more difficult to search in voluminous books.

Branham Chima

Branham Chima

The Law is my trade.